Best Year for Ford Expedition: Unveiling the Ideal Choice

They’ve been crafting Expeditions since 1997, a testament to their enduring presence in the automotive realm. These full-sized three-row SUVs have stood the test of time, acclaimed for their reliability and technological prowess. With ample space to accommodate passengers and cargo, they’re a choice that offers versatility. But not all years have treated the Expeditions equally, and one wouldn’t want to invest in just any Expedition without discerning the differences between various model years.

This is where steps in, directing attention towards the 2016 Expedition, renowned as the zenith of Ford’s Expedition lineage. In the following lines, we delve into why 2016 emerges as the prime choice and shed light on the expected pricing tailored to your preferences.

In Pursuit of the 2016 Ford Expedition

In Pursuit of the 2016 Ford Expedition
In Pursuit of the 2016 Ford Expedition

Through meticulous research, the conclusion crystallizes around the 2016 model as the standout choice in the Ford Expedition’s illustrious history. Ford hit the high notes this year, honing the technical and mechanical facets of the full-sized three-row SUV. Furthermore, the 2016 iteration demonstrates heightened reliability compared to its predecessors and successors, assuring you of a dependable SUV that delivers safety and comfort on your journeys.

Is the Ford Expedition Your Ideal Companion?

Ford Expeditions undoubtedly fits the bill if durability ranks high on your automotive checklist. These vehicles excel in transporting sizable families, offering a secure and comfortable environment and impressive towing capabilities. However, they come with a price tag that demands attention. So, remember that the Expedition caters to those willing to invest in a state-of-the-art, long-lasting SUV adorned with top-tier entertainment features and road prowess.

Exploring Five Distinct Trim Levels

Ford Expedition Exploring Five Distinct Trim Levels.jpg
Ford Expedition Exploring Five Distinct Trim Levels.jpg

The 2016 Ford Expedition tantalizes with its five distinctive trim levels, reinforcing why 2016 is a standout year. The options encompass the base XL, the XLT, the Limited, the King Ranch, and the Platinum trims. Performance considerations take a backseat, with all boundaries housing a 365-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine. Instead, the feature list takes the spotlight, offering considerable variation across the trim spectrum.

The base XL trim adheres to standard features. In contrast, the XLT ushers in Bluetooth connectivity, a third-row seat, smartphone integration, and steering wheel audio controls, imbuing a modern aura to the Expedition. Ascending to the Limited trim brings an additional comfort layer, with amenities like heated or cooled seats, multi-zone AC, and elegant woodgrain interior decoration.

For those seeking sophistication, the high-tech King Ranch and Platinum trims beckon. These upper echelons introduce advanced features such as power-retractable running boards and a top-notch navigation system. As you move up the ladder, seating upgrades from cloth to plush leather, culminating in the Platinum trim, which adds a sunroof but little more, inviting consideration of the added expense.

Unpacking the Drivetrain and Fuel Efficiency

Unpacking the Drivetrain and Fuel Efficiency
Unpacking the Drivetrain and Fuel Efficiency

All 2016 Ford Expedition trim levels offer the choice between 2 2-wheel drive and four 4-wheel drive, allowing you to tailor your purchase to your preferences. Regardless of the trim, the combined city and highway fuel efficiency is 18 MPG for two 2-wheel drive and 17 MPG for four 4-wheel drive models.

Embracing Technology in the Ford Expedition

The 2016 Ford Expedition embraces technology with open arms. While the base trim leans towards simplicity, higher trims elevate the technological quotient. Even the first upgrade above the base model, the XLT, introduces notable conveniences, such as steering wheel audio controls and seamless smartphone integration via Bluetooth. The King Ranch trim strikes a remarkable balance between price and technology, boasting power-retractable running boards, a premium sound system, remote engine start, and an exemplary navigation system.

What’s the Price Tag for a 2016 Ford Expedition?

What's the Price Tag for a 2016 Ford Expedition
What’s the Price Tag for a 2016 Ford Expedition

Affordability isn’t a hallmark of the 2016 Ford Expedition, but its value proposition remains unparalleled. While it may not cater to budget-conscious buyers, its advantages justify the investment. The base 2016 Ford Expedition XL kicks off at approximately $41,000 for the two 2-wheel drive variant, escalating prices for higher trims. The XLT trim demands around $45,500, the Limited surpasses $55,000, the King Ranch reaches roughly $59,400, and the Platinum tops the hierarchy, initiating at about $60,300. Those opting for 4 Wheel Drive should factor in an additional $3,000.

Safety Features and Reliability in the 2016 Ford Expedition

Above all else, the 2016 Ford Expedition excels in ensuring passenger safety. Its stellar reliability ratings, outshining its Expedition counterparts, position it as the safest choice. Standard safety features across all 2016 Expeditions encompass anti-lock brakes, an anti-theft security system, electronic stability control, and a robust complement of six airbags.

Potential Hurdles with the 2016 Ford Expedition

While 2016 stands as a formidable model year for this iconic SUV, it’s not without its share of reliability hiccups that prospective buyers should be mindful of:

  1. Engine stalls while driving: According to reports on Car Complaints websites, the 2016 Expedition tends for the engine to stall while in motion, often without warning. This issue primarily stems from a malfunctioning throttle body; the most common remedy involves replacing this component.
  2. Brake concerns: Although not a pervasive problem, several 2016 Expedition owners have reported the brake fluid level warning light illuminating while the brakes continue functioning. Despite low brake fluid levels, no leaks are typically detected. The prevalent solution involves replacing the brake booster and master cylinder.
  3. Defective blower motor: Models equipped with manual temperature and fan controls in 2016 Expeditions have been known to experience blower motor issues, where the motor only operates on specific settings. This common problem necessitates addressing the blower motor’s functionality.

Incorporating the wisdom of the 2016 Ford Expedition, one must acknowledge its virtues and potential pitfalls before embarking on the road ahead.

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