Brembo KTM Duke 390 Rear Brake Master Cylinder

This KTM Duke 390 rear brake master cylinder is made of high-strength aluminium and includes a remote reservoir. CNC machined for two or four piston calipers, its installation is straightforward.

The KTM Duke 390 has been widely praised on various forums as one of the best bikes in its class.

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CNC-machined design

CNC machining, also referred to as computer numerical control machining (CNC), is a technique that utilizes software to automatically run machine tools. Compared to older manual processes, it offers greater consistency in part production and lowers costs significantly.

The ktm duke 390 rear brake master cylinder is CNC-machined from high-strength aluminium with a remote reservoir for precision controllability. This design ensures perfect linearity between rider force and brake response, giving riders an unbeatably responsive brake feel that they can count on.

A master cylinder bore that’s too large can move too much brake fluid per unit of lever travel, leading to a wooden-feeling lever and lack of modulation. This may result in an abrupt and potentially hazardous wheel lockup point if the lever isn’t positioned correctly relative to the bike.

Generally, it’s best to design parts so that only standard-sized tools can be used to machine them. Otherwise, the parts may flex under the full cutting load and reduce accuracy or damage the part.

High-strength aluminium

Aluminium alloys possess a variety of properties, such as tensile strength, ductility, density, formability, workability and weldability. These characteristics can be used to select the appropriate alloy for a given application.

Aluminium alloys are commonly employed in aerospace engineering due to their high tensile strength and excellent fatigue resistance. This makes them ideal for airplanes and helicopters that require high-strength yet light-weight structures.

Alloy 2014 (Al-Cu-Mg) and 2024 (Al-Cu-Mg-Zn) are two of the most commonly used aerospace structural aluminum alloys. These alloys possess high specific strengths and can be formed into a variety of shapes without need for heat treating, making them ideal for aerospace structural uses.

Aluminium’s use in aerospace engineering has grown steadily over the years due to its numerous advantages over traditional metals. For instance, these alloys can be molded into complex shapes and thin-walled extrusions with excellent bending workability.

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Including remote reservoir

Brembo’s master cylinders offer precise and immediate braking power in all conditions. Constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy – known for its superior finish quality – these master cylinders come with separate or integrated reservoirs to accommodate different fluid volumes.

Brembo brake calipers are renowned for their exceptional controllability, which is achieved through a unique combination of technology and ergonomics. The key innovation is the patented RCS (Ratio Click System), which enables effortless lever ratio adjustment with the rotation of an eccentric adjuster located on the front.

Another feature worth highlighting is the MC12.7 (O 17,5mm piston), which utilizes a motorized stroke to eliminate side loads on piston seals and improve precision and feel. The micro-switch adds another nice touch, and lever contrast springs are high load springs to guarantee consistent contact between eccentric adjuster and push rod.

Easy to install

Brembo master cylinders provide reliable, immediate braking power in all conditions. Crafted from cast or pressure die-cast aluminium, these master cylinders come with separate reservoirs or can be integrated into the brake system for added convenience.

The KTM Duke 390 rear brake master cylinder is simple to install, making it the ideal choice for riders looking to improve their braking performance. Simply replace your stock caliper with a new one and attach the master cylinder onto that caliper.

In addition to improving braking performance, the ktm duke 390 rear master cylinder also provides several other advantages. For instance, it features a bleeder valve so you can clean and maintain your brakes with ease; additionally, it is compatible with all major brands of calipers so you can upgrade if desired; additionally, its high-quality chrome finish makes it an excellent choice for any rider at an incredibly affordable price point – plus, it even comes with a warranty!

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