Coleman KT196 Brake Master Cylinder

If you own a Coleman KT196 go-kart, you may require a new brake master cylinder. This assembly includes the master cylinder, caliper, and brake line hose for optimal stopping power.

The Coleman KT196 is ideal for families or individuals looking to have some off-road racing fun. With its powerful engine, soft tires, and adjustable suspension system, you’re guaranteed a comfortable ride experience.

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High-quality materials

The Coleman KT196 brake master cylinder is constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy to guarantee its strength and resilience when subjected to intense braking action. Furthermore, it features a special spring that helps the calipers return to their original positions after extended use.

These brake rotors are constructed of steel for long-lasting use, featuring slotted and drilled patterns for optimal performance. Plus, this kit includes DOT3 braking fluid for optimal power and heat dissipation – providing excellent braking even on tough terrain.

Easy to assemble

The Coleman KT196 brake master cylinder is an impressive feat of engineering, and installation couldn’t be simpler: it takes only minutes! Furthermore, the company offers an impressive warranty and free shipping to the USA on orders over $100. In conclusion, this brake master cylinder should be part of any go-kart collection; not only will it provide thrilling rides during summer days; it also helps cool you off!

High-quality brake pads

The Coleman kt196 brake master cylinder is no slouch when it comes to performance. Crafted with high quality materials and engineered for optimal safety performance, this brake master cylinder guarantees you the best possible stopping power.

This cylinder is constructed with advanced ceramic and platinum compounds, making it highly resistant to cracking or rusting. Furthermore, its dual piston design guarantees a consistent flow of brake fluid between both left and right rear wheels.

In addition to its advanced components, this go kart uses an advanced electrical system for powering its braking mechanism. This ensures a smooth and responsive experience – making it the ideal choice for families with young kids eager to venture into go karting racing.

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High-quality brake calipers

Maintain the brake master cylinder of your go-kart to ensure its optimal performance. Crafted from high-quality materials, it works efficiently to slow down your vehicle when cornering.

The calipers in the Coleman kt196 brake master cylinder are engineered to provide maximum stopping power, so you won’t have to worry about them failing during intense racing sessions.

Cascade Components has made an innovative move here, including their North Fork calipers into the standard Code RSC lever package, but they can also be fitted to other systems. According to Cascade Components, these calipers add 20% more power to your braking system – which makes sense given the design of these calipers.

North Fork calipers provide a similar lever feel and stroke as stock Code calipers, with the added bonus of a firmer bite point. This results in an almost linear buildup of power that feels more like stock Code than some stronger DH brakes I’ve tested.

High-quality main cylinder

The Coleman Kt196 brake master cylinder features a high-quality main cylinder that provides proper sealing for the brake system. Additionally, it’s constructed of special material to withstand force of piston movement and resist wear – making it an excellent choice for long term use with various brake systems, including brake boosters. When replacing a master cylinder, be sure to follow manufacturer-specified bleeding procedures; failing to do so could leave you with an “air trapped” condition preventing proper bleeding and operation of the cylinder – leading to “no pedal” conditions whereintense”.

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