Go-Kart Brake Master Cylinder

Go-kart brake master cylinders are one of the most essential elements in your braking system, and if damaged, can lead to serious issues.

This hydraulic kart brake kit includes everything you need to install a new braking system on your go-kart. It includes a master cylinder, three calipers and rubber brake hoses. Plus, it comes preloaded with DOT3 brake fluid for added safety.

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Brake Pads

When you press the brake pedal on your go kart, a complex system of parts comes into action. Most importantly, these are your brake pads which generate friction when they come into contact with the rotor disc to slow and stop you.

Brake pads are typically held together with a binding resin. Under ideal circumstances, this resin spreads evenly across the rotor to provide even friction surface area.

However, over time this resin may smear unevenly – mechanics refer to this as “glazing.” If not addressed, your brake pads could begin wearing out prematurely.

Your brake pads also feature a metal sensor that squeals when they become worn out. When this occurs, it is time to replace your pads immediately.


Calipers are essential elements in a go-kart brake system. They work together with the master cylinder to effectively stop or slow down the vehicle when applied pressure.

The caliper has upper and lower jaws that open and close when you apply the brake. They are connected to a slider which slides into its assigned hole when applying pressure.

As the caliper is pulled down, its pistons squeeze brake pads. This causes friction between the rotor disc and brake pads, slowing down go-kart speed.

With disc brakes, a master cylinder works alongside the caliper to regulate brake fluid pressure and flow. This converts pedal mechanism pressure into hydraulic force which is then sent to each brake cylinder.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes operate through hydraulic pressure in your kart’s brake system. When you press on the pedal, fluid is sent to the master cylinder, increasing force on wheel cylinder pistons.

Hydraulic force causes the wheel cylinder pistons to push brake shoes against a brake drum, creating friction which decelerates the wheel. Furthermore, these shoes are attached to springs which pull them away from the drum when you release the brake.

Drum brake shoes feature a slanted surface at an angle to the friction surface, creating self-energizing brake shoes when you press down on the pedal.

Make sure your drum brakes are working optimally by inspecting all parts for signs of rust or corrosion that might have developed over time as the brake system is exposed to air and water. These elements can corrode different components within the system, reducing its functionality.

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Band Brakes

When you press the pedal on your go kart, a piston pushes fluid into the master cylinder. This liquid force then pushes brake pads against calipers, applying pressure to the drum.

The friction between the pads and drum causes the go-kart to slow down. This braking process may need to be repeated several times before reaching a complete stop.

Band Brakes are a type of cable-operated hub brake that’s simple to install and lightweight, requiring less effort than many rim brakes.

Band brakes work by attaching a lightly-tensioned end of the band at one side of the lever’s pivot and attaching another highly-tensioned end nearer to it for self-locking action. As the drum rotates, this causes rotation within the band itself which in turn amplifies braking force through capstan effect.

It is an effective brake and requires minimal input to achieve high brake force, but it can be sensitive to changes in conditions like light rust on the drum or water in the system. As such, it may not be the best choice for stopping quickly on wet surfaces or during rainstorms.

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