Mopar J8 Master Cylinder and Brake Booster Review

The Mopar j8 master cylinder and brake booster is an ideal way to upgrade your factory power braking system. This high-quality kit includes an 8 inch power booster, mounting brackets, as well as a 1 inch bore disc brake master cylinder.

Power steering made driving more convenient, and brake boosters make stopping your Jeep much safer and simpler. They work by harnessing the vacuum in your engine to magnify brake pedal pressure, helping you stop faster with less effort.

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Brake Booster

A well-designed brake booster can dramatically improve the performance of your factory four wheel drum or disc based system. This 8″ dual diaphragm power booster, complete with adjustable proportioning valve, offers a powerful boost to braking performance. As an easy replacement for stock unit, this power booster utilizes your original master cylinder so you don’t have to remove entire system when reinstalling original.

This Mopar J8 master cylinder and brake booster was engineered to work seamlessly with Jeep’s heavy duty 4 wheel drum systems. Despite its compact size, it boasts a host of technologically advanced features as well as some stylish wheels – all at an unbeatably reasonable price thanks to Leed Brakes!

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is an essential element of any vehicle’s braking system. It converts the pressure applied to your brake pedal into hydraulic pressure that causes calipers to press brake pads against rotors.

Inside the cylinder are two pistons and springs. When you press on the brake pedal, these pistons push brake fluid down two lines into a proportioning valve, providing equal pressure to all four wheels.

This promotes balanced braking performance and avoids over-reaching (i.e., excessive braking force).

An open system master cylinder assembly features bladders in its reservoir tanks that automatically adjust brake fluid level based on temperature changes. These bladders help protect your braking system from overheating and offer extra security against leakage.


Mopar’s high performance kit offers the ideal combination of power, control and efficiency – and it’s all bolt on without need for rewiring! At an unbeatably affordable price point, this upgrade provides complete brake systems protection that will last the test of time. This kit includes a high quality direct replacement master cylinder, advanced brake booster and all necessary components needed to make everything work together as one integrated unit. If you want the best braking performance without breaking your budget, this is definitely for you!

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Mounting Brackets

The mopar j8 kit includes a master cylinder and brake booster that are specifically designed to fit under the hood of your jeep, making it simple for you to mount an air compressor without interfering with any other systems beneath the hood.

These brackets are laser cut from 3/16″ hot rolled steel and CNC bent for a perfect fit. They’re then finished in gold zinc chromate for long-lasting shine.

These brackets are specifically designed to work together with the sPod Mount and Vacuum Pump Relocation kit, enabling you to use a single compressor instead of your factory dual air compressor, saving money on fuel while keeping your engine compartment looking tidy. However, they will fit any similar sized air compressor unit – just be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before purchase! MetalCloak has created groundbreaking products that will help maximize the potential of your off road vehicle. Thanks MetalCloak for creating such useful tools!

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