80 Series Master Cylinder Brake

If you are upgrading your brakes, this master cylinder is essential. Upgrades such as larger drums and vented calipers may cause excessive pedal travel if not replaced with the factory master cylinder.

This genuine Toyota OEM replacement part fits models FZJ80 and HDJ80 with ABS and 2 bolt hole mounting holes.

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Product Description

A master cylinder is a hydraulic pump that transforms your brake pedal pressure into high pressure, pushing fluid through brake lines and hoses and forcing brake pads or shoes onto the rotor. Pistons in both the master cylinder and each wheel cylinder create this pressure.

If your master cylinder brake is no longer producing the hydraulic pressure needed to apply your brakes, it must be replaced. Not only that, but your entire braking system should also be examined for possible damage or malfunctioning.

This genuine Toyota FJ80 master cylinder fits most Land Cruisers and works with larger calipers on 1979-1995 Pickups and 4Runners. Featuring a 1″ piston with residual valves front and rear, it pairs perfectly with drum or disc brakes.


The 80 series master cylinder brake is an ideal upgrade from the old, unreliable one. With its large bore, 1″ piston and residual valves, it makes a great upgrade if you plan on upgrading to larger drums from 1986 or later or installing vented front calipers.

The master cylinder is secured in a chassis-mounted unit by Aisin, who are renowned for their quality and dependability. Engineered exactly to OEM specs as per the original fitment, Aisin boasts an impressive global reputation.

Installing the octo-gonal cylinder can be quite a task. We suggest braided brake lines to protect them from potential abrasion during installation as well as increased pressure from these new, higher tech cylinders. This top of the line Aisin authorized dealer cylinder offers incredible value at an unbeatable price point – we have been an authorized Aisin dealer for two years!

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A brake master cylinder is an essential element of your car’s braking system. If it malfunctions, your stopping power will be significantly diminished. To remedy this situation, replacing it with a new master cylinder is recommended.

When determining if your brake master cylinder requires replacement, inspect it for liquid leaks and air pockets. If any are present, replacing it is imperative before creating a hazardous driving condition.

DIY mechanics can do this task themselves; however, it is recommended to hire a professional for assistance. Doing so will prevent any damage or worsen the situation.

A master cylinder is made of metal and contains two chambers filled with hydraulic fluid. When you apply the brakes, a pump draws this liquid through clear rubber hoses attached to plastic nipples inside the master cylinder.


Master cylinders are one of the most frequent and profitable brake service items in a shop. They can be replaced with new or reconditioned parts.

Master cylinder piston seals wear over time, allowing fluid to seep from the rear of the bore into the cylinder. This may result in a spongy feel or ineffective brake pedal operation.

No matter the source of the leak, replacing a cylinder is necessary for protecting the vehicle’s safety. This is especially true if fluid has built up inside of it.

This 80 series brake master cylinder is an authentic Toyota replacement part, suitable for many Land Cruisers with rear line modifications as well as 1979-1995 Pickups and 4Runners with smaller bores. It boasts a 1-” piston and optional residual valves on both front and rear brakes; plus it includes a new reservoir and requires bolt on installation for convenience.

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