Brake Master Cylinder

The brake master cylinder converts the pressure from your foot onto a hydraulic pressure, which is then pumped into the wheel brake circuit.

A go kart master cylinder is an essential element of the brake system and should be replaced after regular maintenance and service. Our go kart master cylinders are precision engineered to high performance specifications, guaranteeing your vehicle has responsive braking for everyday driving.

High Adaptability

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A brake master cylinder is one of the most critical go-kart parts, and can be damaged if not replaced regularly. Investing in suitable replacement kits to save you money in the long run and protect your machine from potential harm.

This go-kart hydraulic brake assembly comes complete with a master cylinder, three brake calipers, three rubber brake hoses and brand new brake discs. It’s pre-pressurized with brake fluid so you’re ready to install it right away!

Promised Braking & Cooling

A brake master cylinder is an integral part of a go kart that generates hydraulic pressure to operate the brakes on the vehicle. When activated, this piston moves brake calipers or drums in order to clamp down on brake pads or shoes and gradually slow or stop your vehicle’s speed.

A well-fitted brake master cylinder can make a major difference in your go kart’s performance, especially if you plan to race it regularly. Furthermore, this system provides significantly increased stopping power when compared with traditional go kart brake systems.

Abrasion resistance and heat dissipation are other important factors to consider when designing your kart. There are various types of brakes that can be used on a kart, such as disc, drum and band breaks. Which type you select will depend on the style of kart you race.

Quality Material

The brake master cylinder is the backbone of your go-kart’s braking system, and its strength and longevity depend on the quality of its materials.

Mophorn has taken special care to ensure its master cylinder is made from aluminum, preloaded with DOT3 brake fluid for maximum braking power.

This kart hydraulic brake kit also boasts slotted and drilled rotors to enhance heat dissipation during intense braking. Furthermore, its high-performance discs will last a long time.

Kart brake systems are one of the most vital elements in any vehicle, so when they malfunction it can be a frustrating experience for all involved.

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Easy Installation

Brakes are essential components in go karts for safety and comfort. They enable you to stop the vehicle quickly, helping prevent accidents or collisions from occurring.

When you brake, a piston pushes the brake pad against the rotor and reduces vehicle movement. For optimal braking performance, consider disc brakes.

However, drum brakes are still popular on some intermediate level karts due to their ease of maintenance and greater braking power than disc brakes.

Brake master cylinders are an essential component of any Kart, yet they can be challenging to install. For the best results, purchase a kit from an established supplier with all necessary materials included.

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