Brake Master Cylinder For Go Karts

A brake master cylinder is an essential element of any go-kart’s braking system. It transmits the proper amount of pressure and balance to the brake calipers.

Selecting the ideal master cylinder for your driving conditions and customization preferences is essential. Kart Warehouse USA offers a range of options to meet all your requirements.

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High-Quality Materials

For go karts, the materials used in a brake master cylinder are essential since they influence your vehicle’s performance. This is especially true for racing karts which must withstand harsh conditions and intense loads.

Stainless steel is one of the best choices for go kart frame materials due to its superior tensile and yield strength. However, if budgeting is a priority, AISI 4130 or AISI 1018 alloy steels could serve as budget-friendly alternatives.

It’s essential to note that if you’re building an off-road go kart, aluminum may not be your best bet as it can cause more damage when riding than other types of steel.

Mophorn GO-KART brake master cylinder kit is specifically designed for 150cc go karts and includes everything you need to get going, such as a master cylinder, hose, calipers and pads. Not only does it boast heavy-duty stopping power but also has drilled & slotted rotors designed to improve heat dissipation during extreme conditions.


The go-kart brake master cylinder is an essential element of any vehicle’s braking system. It transforms mechanical energy from pressing down on the pedal into hydraulic force that is transmitted to brake calipers and discs.

A disc brake is a commonly-used type of braking system found on most karts today. It consists of three components: a piston, brake pad and rotor.

Drum brakes require more complexity and input to work properly, yet are more durable and sensitive.

Another popular type of kart brake is the band brake. This option offers high pressure without too much effort required.

The Parolin Racing Kart AP06 MINI brake is an outstanding example of this type of braking system. It was specifically engineered as a technical solution for the 2020 mini-kart category.

Promised Braking & Cooling

Go karts’ braking system dissipates the kinetic energy created by their engine when travelling at high speeds. This energy is equal to their weight x velocity squared and turns into heat when brake pads rub against a brake rotor.

To safely stop your go kart, you must apply the correct amount of pressure on the brake pedal at precisely the right time and in precisely the correct location. This requires practice and good driver skill.

One method is trail braking, which involves applying brakes in front of your tires to keep them from sliding. Unfortunately, this technique requires extensive practice and isn’t suitable for novice drivers. Instead, opt for a more stable braking technique to minimize potential risks.

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Easy Installation

One of the most essential components of any go-kart brake system is the master cylinder. They regulate pressure and balance within hydraulic brakes, ensuring calipers apply sufficient braking force to wheels.

Go-kart motors provide the power and control needed for steady forward progress, so it’s essential that you install a reliable master cylinder so your machine performs at its peak performance every time you hit the track.

Drum brakes are a widely-used go-kart brake system and they’re easy to maintain. However, they may not be as efficient as disc brakes, so you may want to consider upgrading to them instead.

Drum brakes are particularly vulnerable to corrosion and rust damage, so you should inspect them frequently. If they’re not functioning properly, replace them promptly. WD-40 works great for this purpose as it breaks down the bond between metal and rust, restoring brakes to proper functionality once more.

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